About Allison

Allison Crane is the founder and owner of three businesses – Allison Crane Interiors, Places + Spaces, and Willowbrook – design, home staging and estate liquidation companies based in Berkshire County. Allison focuses on creative, client-pleasing design solutions that transform living and office spaces into eco-friendly, harmonious and peaceful environments, enhancing home values and increasing workplace productivity.

Allison’s early experiences influenced her sophisticated and discerning design aesthetic. A native of Berkshire County, Allison was born with a love of color, textiles and fine craftsmanship. As a child, she learned the skills of knitting and sewing and developed a lifelong understanding of fabrics and structure. She also discovered an early affinity for the culinary arts and spent many happy hours in the kitchen baking—when she wasn’t rearranging her bedroom. Earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Syracuse University, together with pursuing a lifelong passion for color & design, creates a unique design platform from which she’s able to carry forward in her work with her clients.

With more than ten years of professional design experience, Allison’s hallmark is a gifted ability to transform spaces for living, integrating form and function with budget and value, custom tailoring each design to fit the needs of her clients. This results in wonderfully distinctive and unique outcomes, whether through refreshing a space with a simple makeover using existing items, de-cluttering and editing, selecting color palettes, or orchestrating large-scale remodeling projects.

As a stylist, mother of a young son, avid gardener, knitter and former chef, Allison understands the importance of interior spaces that are beautiful, yet livable and well-organized. The design process is about solving problems and Allison takes a warm and considerate approach toward each project. As a good listener and skilled problem solver, Allison works closely with each client, helping to guide and prioritize the transformational process, delivering designs that are highly functional, yet chic and refreshing.