/ Richmond

Allison Crane is a house goddess. She breathed new life into my home that was dark, drab, and cluttered. She reinvented my house so that it is welcoming, interesting, open, beautiful – and appealing to a buyer! Something I never new it had the potential to be until Allison showed me otherwise. I owe her so much. Thank you, Allison, for making my life and my home so much better.

If you would like your house to sell, then I recommend you call Allison. Her work pushed my house to the front of the Berkshire real estate market. Since Allison touched my house, there has been a definite significant increase in interest in my property.

My father just passed away and I was left with the daunting task of cleaning out, flipping, and selling my childhood home. Allison took this seemingly daunting task and made it as easy, inexpensive, seamless and as beautiful as it could possibly be. I never thought I could possibly enjoy this process, and I don’t think I could with anybody else but Allison Crane.

Allison Crane makes things the best they can be in an enjoyable way. Period.

Both the journey and the means are wonderful and enjoyable when you work with Allison. I really can’t recommend her enough.

Allison is a wonderful, engaging person who knows how to bring a home to its fullest potential. If you want things to be the best they can be, then Allison is the only person you need to call. Allison has solutions to every problem that can come your way [in a renovation]. It’s really amazing: you can just sit back, enjoy Allison’s expertise and ability to work on such a personal level, and watch your life and home improve. It’s that simple.

When I first reached out to Allison, I could immediately tell that I wasn’t just another client; Allison listened to what I was saying. She knew that I had a particular situation and she kept that in mind during the whole process. Allison knew that my sister and I had a very small budget and yet, Allison made a magical transformation happen in my own home. I always felt in control, I never felt like costs were flying around over my head, and I felt well-informed and in control every step of the way to this beautiful result. I can say with confidence that calling Allison was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

I really feel like Allison worked with me on a personal level. I feel like she knows who I am and used that in working with me, which made this renovation a suprisingly enjoyable project. I can’t begin to tell you what a breath of fresh air it is to work with Allison and feel like somebody is on your team the whole process. It really is incredible what she does and the results she produces.


/ Stockbridge

Three years, three different realty companies and not a single offer on our beautiful center hall colonial.  No offers and, maybe worse, no one who returned a second time to seriously consider its possibilities.  We raised two children, three dogs and assorted friends and relatives in its 4,500 foot space.  We loved living in the gracious space afforded to us by generous rooms, our swimming pool and hot tub, beautifully landscaped gardens and income producing apartment.  It was a mystery to us why these features seemed not to be appealing to potential buyers.

Discouraged and tired, we took the house off of the market in the winter of 2010.  During the snowy and cold season we contemplated our options.  We decided to try to get some outside opinions, stay open to what we heard and make whatever changes were suggested.  Over and over again, Allison Crane’s name kept coming up on our radar screen.  Highly recommended as a professional stager, Allison met with us and explored the history and experience of trying to sell the house in a recessionary economy.  She was thoughtful and considerate in her questioning and we felt an immediate rapport.  She toured the property and then told us she’d return with suggestions which we could act on – or not.

A few days later, she retuned with a “to do” list.  We listened, and found we had to swallow hard – paint my beautiful dark blue dining room – I don’t know – get rid of the wall paper in the kitchen – but I picked it out.  Allison was gentle and supportive as she explained what she was trying to accomplish.  She guided us to begin packing away our personal items and “repurposing” our furniture to make our rooms look more co-ordinated.  She encouraged, but did not insist, on a change in wallpaper in front hall and some new carpeting up the front steps.  We did spend some money both for her services and the renovations.  And – the house looked gorgeous when we completed the work.  We were motivated to do many of the improvements ourselves and she assisted us to complete them in record time.

Then, we put the house back on the market – two showings and –  we had a an offer!  An enthusiastic offer and one which we immediately accepted.  We could not believe things happened so quickly.  Allison has continued to assist us with moving help, guidance to a rental property and design of our new home.  Her creative talents offer a practical approach, a willingness to work with the homeowner at whatever level they find comfortable and a design eye which is impeccable.  We highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell your property.